About Us

The Happy Pharmacist is a place designed to provide people with resources and ideas to begin and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

I believe that living in a manner that is clean and simple will allow our bodies to fully experience health and happiness throughout our lives.

As a registered pharmacist that has been actively practicing community and hospital pharmacy for over 20 years, I have come to realize just how amazing traditional medicine is for treating the ill patient.  I have also come to realize that focusing on the prevention of disease by making careful dietary and lifestyle choices, empowers people to stay well and live life to its fullest.  The Happy Pharmacist is committed to bringing you information and products that can help to change your live and the lives of those you love for the better.

My Story

Since I was a young child, I knew that I would work in the healthcare field in some capacity.  Helping people has always been a strong part of who I am.  I ended up graduating from college with a degree in pharmacy and began my now 21+ year career caring for my patient’s pharmaceutical needs.

Throughout my years of pharmacy, one notion has always plagued me.  How to convince people to rely less on treating disease with traditional medicine and to spend more time developing and sustaining a healthy mind and body ahead of disease?  If health is supported, than even when illness occurs the body is much more equipped to fight and succeed against the disease state.

My desire to help people find their optimal health beyond pharmacy led me to achieve my certification in health coaching. As a certified health coach, I am able to utilize all of the medical knowledge and experience that I have from my years practicing pharmacy and incorporate it into an integrated program that is specific to each individuals needs and goals. As your health coach, I will never tell you what you need to do. I will assist you in determining your goals and desires and encourage you to find the solutions that will work! My ultimate goal is to empower each client to find their own unique sense of health and happiness.

Essential oils became part of my life throughout this journey, and I have experienced some remarkable personal health benefits from them. They are and will always be a part of my own health journey from oils to toxin free cleaning to nutritional support. I love to share my essential oil success stories and would love to explore if they can become a part of your life as well.

The Happy Pharmacist is a way for me to share all that I have learned throughout my years caring for the sick to hopefully help people live a life that is full of life and health and happiness.

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