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Hello! Thank you so much for visiting today! My name is Jenny Haines. I am a pharmacist, a certified health coach, a mom to 2 amazing kids and a crazy boxer puppy, a wife to the best husband ever and a total wellness lifestyle nut!

When I discovered Young Living and their products, my life was truly changed. I have always been a health food junkie and a clean living momma, but I did not realize that many of the products I was choosing to bring into my home were totally the opposite of healthy.  My cleaning products consisted of a variety of harsh chemicals that not only destroyed the skin on my hands and made me cough, but they were also leaving a toxic residue for my family to breathe and absorb.  So much for thinking that keeping the house clean was doing the best thing for my family!  My house was a toxic waste dump of residual cleaning products. 

Also, the medicines that I was giving my children to fight headaches and treat colds and clean cuts and everything in between was always a concern to me.  As a pharmacist, I was well aware of the side effects and potential long-term effects of these medications. Enter Young Living and their plant based, better than organic products.

I now clean my entire home with Young Living’s Thieves Household cleaner. It smells amazing, doesn’t leave me gagging from fumes, and leaves my home clean and toxin free. I also, use their essential oils in a myriad of ways to help my family rely much less on all those traditional medications.

Young Living has truly been my answer to rounding out my efforts towards a total wellness based lifestyle!

If you would like to learn more about how Young Living’s products could work in your life, give me a shout! I would love to talk with you a see what your needs are.

If you’re ready to jump in and let Young Living be a part of your wellness journey Click Here to get started today!

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