Plants, not pills.

Treat illness and prevent disease through wellness.

What We Offer

Essential Oils

Seed to seal essential oil products to use throughout your day.

Health Coaching

It's not always easy to achieve your health goals alone. As a certified health coach and registered pharmacist, I can help to guide you through your journey to a health life.

Medication Therapy Management

Medications can be scary and overwhelming. As a registered pharmacist, I will evaluate your medication regimen, answer your questions, and alleviate your concerns.


I offer education on the use of essential oils and other natural products to detoxify your home and body.

Who We Are

The Happy Pharmacist is a place designed to provide people with resources and ideas to begin and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. We believe that living in a manner that is clean and simple will allow our bodies to fully experience health and happiness throughout our lives.


Choosing to treat your body as a gift will direct the choices you make from food to self care.

Medication Therapy Management

Medications can be vital for many conditions. They can also be complicated and overwhelming. As the expert, I can educate and streamline your medication profile.

Quality Products

Supplementing your health with alternative products such as essential oils can be the missing link you’re looking for. Choosing the highest quality products will ensure an optimal and safe outcome.

Health Coaching

A health coach is a partner that will walk by your side as you work to achieve any goal you should to pursue.

Registered Pharmacist

As a registered pharmacist, I strive to help guide my readers make educated decisions to improve their overall health. I look forward to answering questions and support quality choices.

Latest News

The Happy Pharmacist is dedicated to providing information to aid in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Mid Day Focus Diffuser Recipe

Do you ever suffer from that mid-day slump? You feel sluggish and drained and start dreaming about a nap or a candy bar. Skip the sugar and excess calories! This essential oil blend can help to recharge your energy and focus your thoughts to get you back on track naturally!

Natural Products for a New Year!

The New Year has arrived!  It’s 2020 and all things are possible! The holidays are over which means that it’s time to think about your goals and dreams for the coming year. This does not have to mean joining a gym and losing some weight (although those are great goals).  New Year’s resolutions are about […]

Frankincense Essential Oil

December has arrived and with it comes chilly weather and all things holidays! Parties, shopping, wrapping, baking – it’s enough to make us lose sight of the meaning of the holidays! The stress of doing everything just right and looking your best can seem too much to handle, unless you have Frankincense essential oil. How […]

Mini Winter Wellness Kit

‘Tis the season for coughs, colds, sniffles and fevers! Bah Humbug! Are you tired of having your holidays and winter fun overshadowed by illness and exhaustion? Check out my Mini Winter Wellness Kit! It is packed with everything you need to fend off those germs and stay happy and healthy this winter season (and all […]

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We endorse Young Living’s products due to their high quality and affordability.

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I would love to hear from you! I am happy to answer any questions you may have about how health coaching can work for you! Also, I love to talk about Young Living’s essential oils and how they have made such a huge difference in my life! If you are wondering how essential oils can play a role in your healthy lifestyle, do not hesitate to reach out.

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