Do you ever feel like your mind is racing with thoughts from every aspect of your crazy busy life?  Does it seem like all you do is spend your time giving while receiving little in return?  If you are a regular grown-up, you have definitely experienced this – probably more often than not.  I believe that allowing yourself even a small amount of time exclusively for you will increase a sense of control and peace in your life.  

Let’s start with the idea of control.  Having control in life can at times feel elusive.  Jobs, kids and bills can seem to always come first and you end up being a victim to their demands. There are a host of mental health and physical problems that can be a direct or indirect result of feeling or actually having lack of control. 

When I was in college, I fell into a trap of anxiety and compulsive behaviors.  In the throes of these thought processes I believed that I was performing at an elevated standard while in actuality I was crippling my productivity by focusing on the anxiety.  After an intervention from my very best friend (and now my husband) I was able to redirect my thoughts to a more positive place which led to a 4.0 GPA and graduating with honors.  Allowing anxiety to control my thoughts and actions would never had let me achieve that success.

Next, we can think about peace.  I love to just say the word – peace.  The very sound of it generates a calm, reassuring feeling to me.  To me, peace is having a sense of stillness and comfort.  Whether this means quiet or beauty or simply a happy family, peace is a personal feeling unique to each person. 

Living a life where we feel in control of our destiny and enjoy peace in our minds and hearts seems like a dream – pretty much perfect right?  I believe that this is obtainable for everyone but it doesn’t just happen and and it doesn’t come without intentional effort. 

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness has gotten a bunch of attention lately.  Seems like I hear it on the news, talk shows and from friends.  So, what is mindfulness and how do you do it?  Mindfulness can happen all throughout your day and life.  I will use the example of mindful eating.  This means that instead of just shoving a sandwich in your mouth while driving to your next appointment, you carefully consider the sandwich – its texture, its taste – with each bite.  Notice carefully how the sandwich begins to fill your stomach.  Think about how the sandwich will provide you with the fuel to continue with your day. Make the sandwich an experience for which you are grateful.

Mindfulness slows you down which can be scary.  With all of the pressures to be productive, speeding up sounds like a better choice.  However, when we can focus on the act of say eating lunch, we learn to focus on the afternoon tasks with more clarity and productivity.  We will spend less time distracted and feeling harried.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice that can set anyone on a path to peace.  But, like all good things it does not always come easy or naturally.  Meditation is about setting aside a period of time -10 minutes or so works – to allow yourself to be quiet and still and reflect on your thoughts and feelings.  Sounds pretty easy but at least in my experience I can find myself wondering if I put the clothes in the dryer or making a mental grocery list pretty quickly.  The world is a busy, fast-paced place with never ending distractions.  It takes mindful practice to work through a meditation journey.

Learning to meditate can seem daunting.  There are many guided meditation programs available now that will help get you started on a path towards regular meditation.  Don’t be afraid to explore places like or join a meditation class.  Adding regular meditation into your life will open your mind and emotions to heal and grow as a person.

Essential Oils to Aid In Meditation

Sacred Frankincense

This essential oil is my personal favorite rock star oil!  It does it all! Boswellia sacra† (Sacred frankincense) oil is the type of frankincense oil that is perfect to enhance a meditation experience and/or elevate a spiritual journey.   

How To Use:

  • Diffuse sacred frankincense in a diffuse during meditation to deepen your emotion and awareness.
  • Add a few drops of sacred frankincense to a carrier oil and place in a roller ball.  Aplly topically during times of reflection.


This essential oil has been used for centuries to improve a meditation experience.  It is believed that diffusing Sandalwood essential oil can deepen awareness of emotion and heighten sensuality.  It has seemingly magical powers and is believed to increase the power of your wishes.  Sounds like a great choice to me!

How to Use:

  • Add a few drops of Sandalwood essential oil to a diffuser while meditating or reflecting to expand the understanding of your emotions and thoughts.

Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil is my go-to when I need to settle an anxious mind or build up feelings of self-confidence.  It has amazing abilities to hush the thoughts of self doubt and provide feelings of self worth and confidence.

How to Use:

  • Diffuse a few drops in a diffuser during times of mediation or just during days when you need a mental boost.  Works great when mixed with lavender to enhance to beautiful scent and calm the mind.
  • Make a roller ball with 5 drops of rose oil and mixed with a carrier oil.  Take this roller ball along to apply to the skin for a quick fix when anxieties or self-doubt arise.

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