My Health Coach Journey: Part 1

It’s starting!  I am moving beyond my research and internal debate of whether to undertake a certification course for health coaching.  I have been a registered pharmacist for 20+ years and it just feels like time to expand on my experience and try something new.

It’s been quite a while since I took any type of real “class” let alone took a real test beyond my required continuing education tests for my pharmacy license.  I’m feeling a bit apprehensive but mostly excited.

Why did I choose to pursue becoming a health coach?  Honestly, it just came to me one day – literally like a lightbulb above my head.  I had been tossing around thoughts regarding the future of pharmacy as a profession and where I saw myself within that profession several years down the road. 

I love what I do at my job, but I was beginning to feel that I wanted to do something more.  My pharmacy job is basically to ensure that the patients in our hospital are receiving their medications appropriately and safely.  Also, I make sure that the medications they are taking are correct with regards to use and dosage.

I see so many people that could have or still could benefit from learning and being supported to make changes in their lives that could improve their health.  I recognized that my pharmacy knowledge and experience had a broader value to so many people and I was underutilizing it.   

That is when the lightbulb lit up above my head! 

So here I am with my binder and my enthusiasm.  I’ll keep these posts coming until I pass my exams!

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