Health Coach Journey: Conclusion

The End Has Come!

I guess I did a terrible job of keep up with posts as I moved along in my health coach studies. That’s because they were kind of hard and I got really focused on just learning!

I will say that my family did an amazing job of being guinea pigs for me as I practiced my skill development. I figured out early on though that if I asked for someone to role play, they just made fun of me (figures). So, I got sneaky and made some real impact on my kids without them even knowing what was happening to them (yay me!).

So all the studying is done and the long tests are over and I passed!! I’m so excited and relieved. I am also so motivated to move forward with my passion of providing quality information to help others improve their health!

It is so liberating and empowering to be able to fulfill a passion and a dream of helping others in the way I see most appropriate.

So watch out for posts on all things health and happiness!

Cheers to being empowered to be the best we can be!

The Happy Pharmacist! RPh., CHC

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