Camping For Wellness!

June is National Camping Month and for good reason!  The days are long and warm and the evenings are full of fireflies and cookouts.  It’s the perfect time to grab your family and friends and head out into nature.

Some may say that camping is not the pastime for them but with all the camping options available today, I think everyone can love camping!

Types of Camping

Tent Camping

For the true die-hard outdoor enthusiast, there is no better way to spend time in nature than with nothing but a simple tent and a campfire.  This is a rustic way to camp for sure, but everyone should try it at least once, even for just one night.  Don’t forget a camping mat or blow up mattress to ensure a comfy nights rest. Most importantly, bring the hotdogs, s’mores, camping chairs and spend some quality time around a campfire with family and friends.

RV camping

Camping with an RV can seem pretty luxurious compared to sleeping in a tent.  They typically have real beds, air conditioning and a bathroom – hello shower!  Camping with an RV can allow most folks to enjoy a more lengthy camping vacation because the comfort level is much nicer than a tent while still keeping you right in nature.  The campfires are just as toasty and the friends are just as fun.

Cabin Camping

Cabins can be very rustic or well appointed.  A nice cabin can be the perfect choice for many people.  You can spend quality time in nature but still have most of the comforts of home.  Cabins can be rented in most state and federal parks or in some private campgrounds.

So What is so Great About Camping?

First of all everyone needs to spend time with nature.  It’s so therapeutic, I think doctors should write prescriptions telling people to spend time outside.  We all live on this amazing planet, but we are so busy with work, kids, and all of our responsibilities that it becomes so easy to overlook the earth’s beauty. Studies show that even simply looking at pictures of nature can reduce hypertension, anxiety, muscle tension and more.  In addition, it can improve mood, focus, and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

If looking at a picture can do all of those things, it stands to reason that immersing yourself in nature, with its sounds and smells, can only increase those responses.  A simply hike through the woods can overwhelm our brains with the beauty and newness.  Spend some time fishing or kayaking and the mere activity will help your brain relax and be more able to focus.

If you are feeling depressed, anxious or simply frustrated with the boredom of daily life, try a camping weekend.  Get back to basics and enjoy our earth and all it has to offer.  

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